The Samsung Galaxy A71 is an Android smartphone that is a member of Samsung Electronics’ sixth generation Galaxy A series. This is Samsung’s cheapest smartphone to date. It features a large 5.7-inch display, a dual-core processor, and a 1GHz Cortex-A53 processor. It features a microSD card slot for up to 128GB of storage. The phone supports dual-band LTE.


The Samsung A71 is an Android smartphone that belongs to the sixth generation of the Galaxy A series. It is the latest smartphone from Samsung Electronics. The A71’s price and features make it an excellent purchase for the price. Read on to discover more about this new smartphone and its features. And remember to visit our website for the latest deals and offers! There’s something for everyone. This smartphone is perfect for the busy professional or a student.

The Galaxy A71 comes with a 64 MP rear camera and is packed with new features that help you get through your day-to-day tasks. It has an application drawer where you can hide or unhide applications for quick access. You can also use the hidden space for photos and videos to keep your phone free of unnecessary clutter. And because this phone has an extremely large battery, you can take photos without worrying about over-heating your phone.

The A71 sports a 6.7-inch Infinity-O display, octa-core processor, 6/8 GB RAM, 128 GB of storage, and 4,500mAh battery. It features a quad-camera system. The main sensor is a 64-megapixel sensor on the back and a 32-megapixel selfie camera for capturing stunning images. Moreover, the A71 supports Samsung Pay and features Android 10 out of the box.


The Samsung Galaxy A71 is a new Android smartphone that is part of the sixth iteration of the Samsung A series. As part of the Samsung’s sixth-generation Galaxy A series, the A71 comes with a 4.5-inch display and a fingerprint scanner. This smartphone is one of the most popular Android devices, so you can’t go wrong if you decide to purchase one. Read on to learn more about this new smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 runs on Android 10 and is powered by a 2.2/1.8 GHz Octa-Core processor with 6GB of RAM. The phone has 128GB of built-in storage and can be expanded up to 512GB using a microSD card. It is unlocked and compatible with GSM and LTE networks. It supports dual SIM cards, too. To find out more about the Samsung Galaxy A71, read on!

The Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with Always-on Display technology, a feature that enables users to customize the information on the screen even when it’s locked. It’s one of the most popular features of the Samsung Galaxy A71, and fans will love it! In addition to its Always-on Display, the Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with a Snapdragon 730 processor, 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of internal storage. If you want more space, you can upgrade the memory. In addition to this, the A71 has an Adreno 618 accelerator that handles graphics, which is about average for a non-flagship model.


The Samsung A71 is an Android smartphone that is part of the company’s sixth Galaxy A series. The smartphone is priced at $549 and comes with a microSD card for up to 512GB of storage. The A71 is a great choice for those who don’t need an obscenely large amount of storage, but still need to keep their data organized and protected. The device’s fingerprint sensor makes it easy to find and unlock.

One of the biggest perks of the A71 is its excellent screen. Its large screen is unmatched by the iPhone SE and the Pixel 4a. One of Samsung’s biggest advantages is its excellent display. The Galaxy A71’s AMOLED screen is one of the best screens on a $500 phone. It’s colorful and perfect for watching videos. Although the A71 doesn’t have a high refresh rate, its images are more than adequate for social media and family albums.

In Pakistan, the Galaxy A71 costs around 70,000 Rupees. You can purchase the smartphone online or at a local store. You can also compare the price of the phone with the price of similar models in other countries to see which is more affordable for you. This smartphone comes with decent features and specifications for the price you pay. A71 is available in four colour variants, including red, blue, and white. You can find it in major cities across the country.

Game Booster

One of the best ways to enjoy games on your Samsung A71 is by using an application called Game Booster. The app can increase your phone’s performance by boosting game settings. It features a floating bar of shortcuts to your favorite apps. It also lets you customize its settings by adding YouTube, Discord, Chrome, and other apps. Besides games, Game Booster also allows you to use microphone during recording.

The Game Launcher is another great feature of the app. It lets you access gaming-specific settings right from your phone. It is located in your phone’s notification shade. From there, you can also manage your battery priority mode. Once you’ve installed the app, you can access it from the Game Launcher menu. The app also displays a timeline of all the games installed on your phone. Then, you can choose which games to install from the gallery or your library.

Among the other features of the Game Booster for Samsung A71 are the timer and the battery saver. The app keeps a close tab on the battery level and monitors the performance of the device. You can also control the brightness of the screen and adjust settings for better gaming experience. Furthermore, the App Manager allows you to manage your installed apps and disable Bixby. If you want to avoid distractions while playing, you can also choose to disable the Edge panel and notifications.

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Samsung Galaxy A71 is a high-end Android device that provides high-speed processing, spacious storage, and fast gaming. Its advanced Octa-core processor delivers efficient and smooth performance, and its 128GB internal storage supports up to a 512GB microSD card. Game Booster, a software suite, maximizes your gaming performance with easy-to-use features that help optimize battery, temperature, and memory. The gaming experience is enhanced with high-tech biometric authentication. The Galaxy A71’s Fingerprint scanner gives you quick and easy access.

The refresh rate of the SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 is 60 Hz or 120 Hz. You can choose the refresh rate that works best for your gaming experience. Samsung has offered the user three modes: Adaptive, Standard, and Adaptive. The standard refresh rate is the default setting, but you can also choose to use the high-resolution option if you want the best quality display. The high-resolution screen also makes for a smooth gaming experience.

The 6.7-inch Infinity-O display of the Samsung Galaxy A71 features Super AMOLED Plus color technology, which delivers realistic colors. Its curved edges make it easy to look at and comfortable to hold. The glossy finish of the screen is attractive and gives it a professional touch. The Galaxy A71’s quad camera is easy to use and produces high-quality photos. The camera also offers a range of features and options.


The camera on the new Samsung A71 is a welcome addition to the Android world. The Samsung A71 is part of the sixth iteration of the Galaxy A series. With its 5-megapixel camera, it is one of the best cameras on an Android phone. It can also record videos. Despite the impressive photo quality of the A71, it is still lacking in other areas. Below are a few tips to make the most of the camera on this phone.

Overall image quality is decent, although the Galaxy A71 struggles in low-light conditions. Although the A71 takes decent low-light pictures, it doesn’t compete with the Pixel 4a series. It does, however, produce decent photos, but they’re filled with noise. The camera’s dedicated Night Mode doesn’t do much to fix this problem, but it does improve the overall dynamic range and detail. If you’re looking for a camera for a mid-range phone, the A71 is a good choice.

Overall, the A71’s camera is much better than the A51’s. It captures details in close-up much better. In addition, the A71’s color balance is better. Compared to the Galaxy A51, its colors are more vibrant and natural. But when it comes to low-light photography, the A71 has a lot of disadvantages. This camera is not suitable for outdoor photography. But, if you prefer taking photos at night, it is a great choice for you.