About Us

Revistaimpacto is a site created via way of means of Malinois fans to Malinois fans.

Since 2019, our task has been to create the planet a better location for puppies via way of means of imparting authoritative, reliable, and unjust statistics to canine parents spherical the world.

To date, our breed publications, education articles, nutrition, and care publications have reached pretty million oldsters. however, we do now no longer prevent there. we would love to expose and teach pretty forty, (6 million!) concerning a manner to undertake the proper breed for their own circle of relatives and the manner to fear for their canine as soon as adoption.

With many breed publications overlaying the origin, care, adoption, compatibility, health, and temperament of a canine, we provide reliable, straightforward, and beneficial hints on adoption and canine care to oldsters of puppies and capability puppies spherical the world.